Children's Division

Creative Movement (ages 3-4)

Creative Movement is for children three and four years of age. Creative Movement explores both the creative and physical dimensions of each child as they gain awareness of music, rhythm, and movement. Classes are designed to develop strength, coordination, creative thinking, and expression. Through classroom exercises, children refine motor skills and develop their creative process through the use of props and imagery.

Primary Ballet (ages 5-6)

Primary Ballet is for children five to seven years of age. This class provides a bridge between Creative Movement and the academy's first level of ballet. Children are introduced to the structure and discipline of a ballet class, as well as music awareness and basic ballet terminology. Primary Ballet emphasizes creative expression through movement to music.

Children’s Division Dress Code


Tights: Bloch T0921G Pink  

Shoes: Capezio 205C Pink

ABT Uniform Leotard

Creative Movement: White

Primary: Pink


Shoes: B20 White (

Black leggings or shorts

White thin socks

Fitted white t-shirt